What is Jotwell?

Jotwell, the Journal of Things We Like (Lots), is intended to provide a space where legal scholars can go to identify and celebrate the latest work of their colleagues. The goal is to help Jotwell’s readers locate interesting developments both inside and outside of their particular areas of interest and to encourage positive reviews and discussion of legal scholarship. To learn more about Jotwell, please visit our Mission statement.

How often do you update the site?

On the Jotwell main page you should expect new content once or twice a week, although as we add more sections contributions may become more frequent. Each of the subject-specific sections will have something new at least once a month. In any case, every time a new review appears in any of the subject-specific sections, an excerpt with a link to the full text will also appear here on our front page at http://jotwell.com.

What is the best way to read Jotwell?

There are three ways to read Jotwell.

  1. You can visit the Jotwell ‘front page’, which aggregates all the sections; or you can sample just the sections you like, choosing from the list in the right column.
  2. If you use a newsreader, you can sign up for the RSS feed for the main Jotwell section, or select among the feeds for the subject sections by choosing the link to the RSS feed found in each section.
  3. Or, if you prefer to get your updates by e-mail, you can click here to request a message every time we have new article, or click on the email link found in every subject section for a more tailored, and less frequent, reminder.

Why don’t you have a section on my favorite topic in law?

We’d like to. Jotwell launched with a limited number of legal subject areas in order to ensure an adequate staff of section editors and contributors for each subject. But if you would like to work with us to develop a new section, please send us your ideas.

What do I have to do to be able to comment?

No registration is required in order to read Jotwell. In order to comment, you simply need to provide a name and email address (note: we won’t solicit you, contact you or share your information with third parties and your email will not be publicly visible). It is possible that we may moderate comments or require users to register before they comment in the future (if, for example, we run into problems with spam). Please note that we ask for your real name and email address. See the Acceptable Use Policy for more details.

How do I become a Jotwell editor?

In order to become a Contributing Editor, please contact one of the Section Editors of the section you would like to join.

If you would like to become a Section Editor of a new section, please see “Why don’t you have a section on my favorite topic in law?” above.

I don’t want to be an editor, but I would like to contribute a review essay.

See the Call For Papers for more information.

This is a great project, where do I send the million dollars?

Contact Us.

Who is the Editor?

Jotwell’s Editor-in-Chief is is Michael Froomkin, a professor at the University of Miami School of Law. But much of the most important work is done by the Section Editors, who are distinguished scholars and practitioners, and by the Student Editors, who are 3Ls at the University of Miami. The Section Editors and the Student Editors are listed on the main Jotwell page. A full list of each Section’s Contributing Editors appears in every Section.

Last updated: Oct. 31, 2009.
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